Best Car Sun Shades Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

When the weather is nice, nothing is better than taking a ride in your car with the windows down and the sun shining on your face. However, when the sun is too bright or you are driving in the early morning or evening hours, it can be tough to see out of your windshield. It is no secret that the harsh sun can cause a lot of damage to your car. From fading the paint to cracking the leather seats, the sun can take its toll. That’s where car sun shades come in which can help block out the sun and keep the car cooler. Read on for our Best Car Sun Shades Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023 to be sure to consider your needs before making a purchase.

What is Car Sun Shades and How do it work?

Car Sun Shades are a great way to protect the interior of your car from heat and UV rays, as well as prevent damage from sun glare. Our Car Sun Shades are made from a reflective material that blocks 99 percent of the sun’s tanning and healing rays. They come in a variety of designs, including those that resemble conventional window blinds.

In simplest terms, they work by blocking sunlight from entering your vehicle. The effectiveness of our Car Sun Shades depends on their location within the car as well as how many you use – the number varies according to each vehicle.

Car sun shades are specially-designed devices intended to shield your car’s interior from the sun’s rays or other harmful factors such as UV, rain, and snow. The sunshade for cars currently comes in two main forms: roll-up and static cling.

Roll Up Sun Shades: The roll-up car sunshade is the classic form of this product. It consists of a lightweight aluminum frame and a reflective exterior surface made of vinyl (PVC) or paper laminate – both materials resist tears and punctures pretty well, but paper laminates tend to be more expensive than vinyl. This type of car shade has a zippered opening at one end allowing you to easily install it on your windshield when needed then remove it once you are done. These window shields are usually triangular-shaped but can also be rectangular if you are looking for something different for your car’s windows.

Static Cling Sun Shade Static cling car sun shades come in two forms: one with an adhesive backing and another that is self-clinging without the need for any adhesive material at all. The static cling window shade works by attaching to your windows via static electricity, which makes it very easy to install and remove on most surfaces without leaving any residue behind. One of the main advantages this type has over other types is that they don’t require installation or stabilization bars, unlike their roll-up counterparts which must be stabilized from the inside via a strap. In addition, since these car shades have a static backing, they can be easily repositioned without it leaving any residue at all. This also means that static shades for car windows can be reused on the front and rear windshield as well as side and rear car windows.

Best Car Sun Shades
Best Car Sun Shades

Types of sun shades for cars

Regardless of the type, there is a very large number and variety of best car sun shades consumer ratings & reports 2022 on the market. Of course, we cannot provide an exhaustive review for all of them in this short article, but we will list some types and tell you about their pros and cons so that you can make your choice more easily.

First, Windshield Sun Shade: The windshield-mounted or front dashboard sunshade is one of the most popular types of sun shades for cars since it is easily attached to your car’s windshield. It can be either static or adjustable according to the place where you want to install it.

The static windshield: mounted type will not change its position no matter what happens in your vehicle cabin while the adjustable model may move up and down, depending on whether it is needed or not.

Static models are usually better when it comes to price/performance ratio, but adjustable ones may provide a wider range of protection against direct sunlight and heat, especially if they feature side flaps that shield side windows as well. A sturdy frame design with high-quality materials also provides good durability and long service life – an important feature if you live in a hot and sunny region.

The windshield sunshade lowers the temperature inside your car significantly by deflecting the sunlight and heat away from it, so that you can protect your skin, face, and eyes as well as upholstery materials and interior parts such as dashboard, steering wheel, etc. Windshield-mounted shades are usually washable too.

Second, Side Window Sun Shades: This type of sunshade for car windows is usually attached to the edges of side windows via suction cups or simple elastic straps. They are very easy to install – just push them against any window until they stick to it.

Side window sun shades are perfect for protecting the side windows from direct sunlight, but they also offer significant protection to the rear sides of the front seats. The elastic means used to hold them in place let you easily pull down part or all of them when needed like you want to enjoy a nice view outside.

The problem with this type is that it does not offer much protection against bright sunlight entering through your windshield since it is placed too far away from this opening and there’s no way to attach it directly. On the other hand, side-mounted shades provide good protection against air conditioning drafts since they are closer to your body than windshield-mounted ones.

Third, Rear Window Sun Shade: This type of car window shade is perfect for those who want to reduce the temperature inside their car as much as possible and feel like they’re in a refrigerator when driving, especially during hot summer days.

Rear window sunshades are designed primarily to protect rear side windows from direct sunlight and heat, especially rear seats, but they will also make your life easier by protecting against air conditioning drafts. Side and front flaps usually cover the side and front windows. However, this type should not be used if you need to use at least part of the rear window – it may interfere with correct visibility through this glass opening.

It is also important to know that since the sunshade is positioned much closer to your eyes than windshield-mounted shades, it will provide better protection against bright sunlight and heat entering through side windows.

Fourth, Rear Side Windows Sun Shades: As we already mentioned, this type of car window shade protects from direct sunlight and air conditioning drafts coming from the front and side windows, but the rear flaps usually come with extra features: they may double as visors for blocking bright light entering through back doors. Unlike other types of best car sun shades consumer ratings & reports 2022, this one has a convenient installation – you just have to secure the sun shade’s bottom edge with your car door.

Benefits of using a car sun shade

Car SunShades help protect against skin cancer by blocking out dangerous ultraviolet (UV) radiation that causes skin damage leading to premature aging or worse yet skin cancers. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation “over 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet light.” Not only that, Car SunShades reduce glare and keep harmful UV light off car interiors helping reduce dashboard damage from harmful sunlight.

Car Sun Shades keeps cars cooler by offering protection from the sun’s rays which can heat up a car’s interior to levels that can reach well over 120 degrees! This is great news for drivers who have pets or children, but not a good thing when you are trying to leave your windows cracked open for fresh air.

Reduce mobile device damage from sunlight by placing your mobile devices near the windshield or dashboard where they can be properly cooled. Sure those mobile products now come with an outdoor mode, but do you really want to place your smartphone in front of direct sunlight? Traditional chemical-coated sun shades such as those found at gas stations work great too!

This Car Sun Shade also helps protect against UV damage which can lead to vision problems such as cataracts. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in adults over 65, but they can affect many more at earlier ages too since your eyes are not fully protected by sunglasses if you are directly looking into the sun.

Most importantly, our Car Sun Shade helps reduce heating costs during cold winter months by snow-melting sunshine from entering your vehicle. This can make a huge difference to those who live in colder climates and need to start their car every day before leaving for work.

Car Sun Shade Buying Guide

Are you wondering if a best car sun shades consumer ratings & reports 2022 is worth spending money on in our current times? And it might be that in the back of your mind, you are asking yourself if such an item really works. Let’s get something you should know to choose a car sunshade.

What kind of sunshade should I buy?

There are the regular ones that reflect heat and UV rays, the mirror-like silver shades, those that keep your car cool as ice, and also some with an extra layer of protection from harmful waves. In addition, there are shades that can be attached to window surfaces with suction cups or those that can be rolled up into a small package for storage.

Consider what you need for your car.

On average, one sunshade is enough to cover the front windshield and comes with elastics that attach it to the top of the glass. However, you will have to detach it every time which takes time, and it is also not completely safe to leave something like this on your car windows while you are gone. This brings us up to getting at least two shades so you can protect all four windows.

The size should be just right.

Even though we are talking about compact shades here, we recommend getting a bigger one that will cover the whole window easily. This is quite important if you live in an area with high temperatures or plan on using your sunshades often because the smaller models tend to break down faster.

Reflector sunshades are just fine?

Not completely true actually because even though these will protect your car from the heat and UV rays, they will not have a significant effect on saving fuel or any other perks you can get from special models. These are especially important to use when parked outside in direct sunlight because it creates such an uncomfortable situation that can damage your interior items.

Do they block UV rays?

UV ray protection is important because these can damage your skin and eyes when exposed to them for a longer period of time. These are very dangerous if you regularly drive with your windows open or even just have their role in heating up your car which has serious consequences not only in the current state but also in the future one.

A question of style.

There are different colors, shapes, and sizes of sunshades with some having fancy ornaments that might not look that great on your car. So if you want to keep it simple, then the standard models will fit perfectly but for those who like to show off a bit, there is something out there for everyone.

Are they easy to install?

If you are getting the basic version then yes, most of them do come with clips which makes them almost impossible to fall off. The more complex ones use hooks or special surfaces so they can be attached to the glass without slipping down. It is good to know however that most compact options tend to detach themselves from time to time so this is best handled by taking them on and off every time you park your car.

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FAQs about Best Car Sun Shades Consumer Ratings & Reports 2022

Are Car Sun Shades legal?

Since it is illegal in certain countries to obstruct your view of the road while driving, this is a valid concern. However, as long as they are well-fitted and not likely to blow around when the car is moving you should not be able to move them by simply touching them, they should not pose any problems.

Can I still use my side and rearview mirrors with Car Sun Shades fitted?

Yes! As long as your best car sun shades consumer ratings & reports 2022 are fitted well and remain stable, you can continue using all your vehicle’s mirrors just as you normally would.

Why are Car Sun Shades fitted on the inside of your car’s windshield?

Car Sun Shades are fitted to block sunlight coming into your car through the front window. They are usually mounted behind the rear-view mirror because it is not uncommon for people to forget they have them fitted. Especially helpful if you park in a busy street! The best location for best car sun shades consumer ratings & reports 2022 is at the driver or passenger side of the windshield, but not all vehicles allow this so please always refer to specific instructions with each product. Some vehicles require both driver and passenger sunshades.

How does heat affect my vehicle’s interior?

When you are driving your car on a hot day and it is parked in the sun, your car interior also becomes very hot. If you have ever had to step inside a sweaty car on a summer day, you’ll know just how uncomfortable this can be! This is why we recommend our Car Sun Shades – they keep the heat out and lower temperatures in your vehicle when it’s parked. They are especially great for vehicles that are not used regularly but still need protecting, such as classic cars or antique motorcycles.

Do I have to use all of my Car Sun Shade in one go?

No! If there is not enough room behind the rear-view mirror to mount all of them at once, simply mount them in pairs by attaching each shade to the mirror, then push up against the roof or dashboard to flatten out any creases. This will leave you with some spare for next time!

How many Car Sun Shades should I buy?

The number of car sun shades you need will depend on your vehicle’s make & model. We like to recommend 2-4 pairs per vehicle depending on how much sunlight your windshield lets in. If you feel most of the sunlight is coming through the sides or rear window, we recommend using our side and rear window sunshades.


When choosing a set of car sun shades, it is important to consider how they will fit your vehicle, as well as their ability to protect you and your passengers from the sun’s harmful rays. It can be difficult to find the best car sun shades when there are so many on the market. We have compiled the Best Car Sun Shades Consumer Ratings & Reports 2022 to help you make your decision easier. E Motor Swest hope that this blog post has helped you better understand the important factors to consider when purchasing car sun shades. In order to choose the best product for your needs, it is important to compare different brands and models to find a shade that will protect your vehicle from the sun’s harmful rays while also providing added comfort on hot days.

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