Best Driveway Alarms Consumer Ratings & Reports 2022

Driveway alarms are a necessary addition to your home security system. Not only will they alert you when someone is on your property, but they can also provide peace of mind knowing that your property is protected. If you are in the market for a driveway alarm, you will want to make sure you purchase the best one for your needs. There are many different types of driveway alarms available, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. That’s why we have compiled the Best Driveway Alarms Consumer Ratings & reports 2022.

What is a driveway alarm and how does it work?

A driveway alarm is a simple alarm system that detects when a car drives onto and off of the user’s property. Driveway alarms typically communicate with an accessory device, such as a garage door opener or light to indicate that movement has been detected by either triggering or not triggering the accessory device. Most driveway alarms consist of only two parts, one part for the driveway and one part for the house. The driveway part senses the change in the magnetic field when a vehicle drives onto or off of it. For a vehicle to trip a driveway alarm, it must have enough metal mass to produce a change in the magnetic field that can be detected by the device.

In most cases, if no movement is detected by the sensor unit after 10 seconds, then there is either no car present or something else has tripped the system such as kids playing with magnets. Driveway alarms typically come equipped with both automatic and manual arming modes adding an extra dimension of security for your home without having to lift a finger.

How to wire a driveway alarm?

Driveway alarms systems are easy to install, but wiring configurations may be different depending on the system you purchase. The basic installation steps are as follows:

First, determine where you want to put each sensor. These devices should be placed facing down onto the pavement at both ends of your driveway going out from your home or garage. Make sure that they have a clear path of motion so that you will know whether a vehicle has gone past them. Each sensor should stick up about six inches above ground level and can be secured using stakes or by burying them in the ground with their tops exposed so that you can set concrete around them if desired.

Next, run all of your wirings. Most driveway alarms systems use a 4-conductor wire to power the sensors and transfer triggers to other devices such as your garage door opener or light fixture. You can connect these wires through a wall or through a polyvinyl chloride pipe laid in the ground. Leave enough slack so that you can move things around if needed and be sure not to coil excess wire inside the conduit or PVC pipe so that it does not affect the performance of the sensor system.

Finally, install any accessories such as switches and timers that come with your alarm system package. Your driveway alarm may also come with external chimes for indoor use and sirens for outdoor warning purposes; these should be installed where they will get maximum effectiveness from noise deterrents.

Driveway Alarms
Driveway Alarms

Types of driveway alarms

All best driveway alarms consumer ratings & reports 2022 have basically the same type of working principle, that being, they detect an object traveling over them by means of infrared beams. The difference lies in the number of beams used and where they are located. When choosing a driveway alarm one must first decide what area needs to be covered as there is a large range available from covering just a single post or even gate or door through to whole complexes with individual beam paths to each unit depending on your requirements.

Alarms can be divided into three major types:

Warning & Detection Devices.

The simplest type of driveway alarm is a warning device, which makes a loud noise when it detects movement or vibration on the drive. These are helpful if you want to be alerted if someone drives onto your property but they are not really designed as deterrents – thieves can easily disable them with minimal effort. If you are looking for something robust that will make an intruder think twice then consider investing in one of the second two types of driveway alarm described below. Many warning devices are cheaper than 10 Euro and some are actually free from security companies who hope to snag new customers by offering bundles of home security products at attractive prices. Be careful where you sign up. For more information see our security deals page for details of both special offers and price comparisons of the latest home security products.

Contact Devices.

Passive Infrared detectors or contact devices are triggered by motion on or near your driveway, they work on the same principle as normal movement sensors which switch lights on in a dark room. Contact devices are typically cheaper than their companion warning devices though you will need to consider how visible they are if you are planning to place one along your drive where it will be most effective at scaring off would-be intruders. The visibility of these types of best driveway alarms consumer ratings & reports 2022 depends on where you install them, under bushes is not recommended! Most models only detect movement within a small arc so they will need to be placed carefully.

Deterrent Devices.

There are a number of different deterrent devices which you can use to discourage intruders from entering your property or stealing your car. Many of them combine detection and deterrent devices but be aware that some companies sell certain types as either or products – if an item claims to have both functions then check the small print as it may not work as well as you would expect. In particular, smoke alarms are often marketed as deterrent devices which is misleading because their main function is fire detection, not deterrence against theft. Thieves can simply disable a smoke alarm by removing batteries, spraying silicone inside the casing, or covering the sensor with black tape for example.

Benefits of using a driveway alarm

A driveway alarm can be used to inform you about someone who is on your property without permission. These alarms are installed along the perimeter of your driveway, where they are able to detect motion within a certain range. They will immediately sound an alarm inside the home if this barrier is broken and warn you that you have uninvited guests.

There are many benefits of having such a system in place, here we will describe some reasons why it might be well worth considering getting one:

Protection against theft and vandalism. If you live in an area where there has been a rise in burglaries or worrisome incidents like vandalism, then you would benefit from installing a driveway alarm because these types of systems typically monitor for this type of activity and automatically send a signal to your home when it detects it.

In addition to other security measures. If you have a more comprehensive security system in place at your property, then a driveway alarm can be a great extra for further protection against any activity that might take place along the perimeter of your property. This is because they have their own transmitter which means that even if there were power cuts or other issues with the other systems, this one would still work properly and detect motion from outside trespassers.

Reduce false alarms, many other security systems tend to produce false alarms fairly often, but this should not be an issue since these sensors only go off once they are activated by motion. They are also able to register different amounts of movement so that it is able to distinguish between people or animals moving around the area so that it will only sound once.

Affordable and long-lasting, these systems tend to be very affordable, especially when you consider how much money you can save in terms of replacement parts and the fact that they are not only able to work for years but are also durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

The best part is that you do not have to worry about them being set off by another animal or a person because they use a beam of infrared light to detect the presence of living beings.

Since driveway alarms are very affordable systems, many people choose these over other types of security measures which means that you could potentially even get free installation if your neighbor has one and can share their wifi connection with yours. This makes them ideal for sharing among neighbors if they are on the same property since this would mean that more than one place would be monitored at all times.

How to choose the best driveway alarm?

When buying a driveway alarm, you have to consider a lot of factors. As with everything else in life, the quality of a product is closely related to its price. When buying a best driveway alarms consumer ratings & reports 2022, it is quite clear that those that cost more are probably going to have better features and be able to detect car theft as well as break-ins much earlier than those with lower prices. In any given time slot between these two extremes, there are all kinds of products trying very hard to fit into this already overpopulated market.

To be able to determine which one is the best driveway alarm for your needs, you have to pay attention to all important factors.

Price of driveway alarm:

There are very few people out there that would call themselves wealthy and everyone wants their money to be spent as wisely as possible. When you are buying something from a market that has been filled with products from all kinds of manufacturers it is pretty hard not to find a good quality product that will fit into your budget without too much trouble. In this particular case, getting the best driveway alarm means paying a reasonable amount for this type of security system, do not expect it to cost less than 100 dollars.

In case you want a best driveway alarms consumer ratings & reports 2022 that is going to detect car theft as well as break-ins, the price may go up to 200 dollars.

Quality of driveway alarm:

In terms of quality, it is best if you would buy a product from a reputable brand. In case there are no brands that will catch your eye and you are stuck with a lower-priced model that has an unknown manufacturer, take this into consideration:

First, try to find out whether or not the manufacturers have been in business for a long period of time. Second, there should be some kind of authentication certificate. Third, it should not look cheap. Fourth, if there are multiple models available at the same price point, go for the higher one, it is likely to have better quality.

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FAQs about Best Driveway Alarms Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

What is the best driveway alarm system accessory?

The best driveway alarm system accessory is a keychain remote that lets you arm and disarm your security device from a distance so that you can go about your day without having to return to your property every time you want to activate or deactivate it.

How can I protect my driveway?

You can protect your driveway by purchasing a motion-activated alarm that detects vehicles as they approach the home.

Where can I get new driveway alarms from?

You can get this type of home security equipment from most places including online stores like,, and as well as specialty retailers like Home Depot, Lowes, and right on store shelves near you that carry popular brands such as Honeywell or Ring’s products.

What should I keep in mind while buying the driveway alarm?

You should think of the driveway alarm’s range, its ability to detect cars at night and during inclement weather, its usability, and whether or not you need a cordless design. Other factors to consider are the keypad layout and included features such as a back-light option, push alerts, and a rearview camera compatibility feature.

What makes a good driveway alarm?

A good driveway alarm should have a sensor that can pick up on motion from over 50 feet away and the entire system should have a range of at least 300 feet so as to cover any entrance points visitors might use to access your property. It should also be able to detect cars as they approach, which means it must have an integrated floodlight for nighttime illumination or video capabilities with recording abilities.

Where is the best place to position my driveway security device?

The best place to put your driveway security device is on the exterior of your home near an entry point such as your porch or garage so that you can easily arm and disarm it with minimal effort when coming and going from the property.

Do I need an internet connection in order to use my driveway alarm system?

No, you do not need an internet connection. The driveway alarm needs batteries for the power supply which last quite long without charging required.

What is the warranty period offered by manufacturers in case I purchase any good quality driveway alarm system?

There are many best driveway alarms consumer ratings & reports 2022 with a 2 years warranty period.

How long do driveway alarms last?

The working life of a driveway alarm largely depends on the quality and durability. Many good quality ones have a working life of more than 10 years in ideal conditions.

What are some popular alternatives to driveway alarms?

One of the most common answers is simply installing motion-activated security lights which come on whenever someone approaches your car or home. Another option is a simple wireless surveillance camera that records anything that comes into range. If you are looking for something cheaper still, consider an automatic door opener for your garage. This will allow you to enter from inside without having to even leave your vehicle, allowing you quick access all day as sales staff as well as protection from thieves breaking in as they try and open vehicles thinking no one is home. I would be remiss if I did not mention the humble alarm clock which many of us will use to wake up at night to let our dogs out, but also act as a deterrent if anyone were thinking of breaking into your home or car overnight.


The best driveway alarm for you will come down to your specific needs and what is important to you. If you are looking for an affordable option that still offers quality protection, the reviewed products on E Motor Swest list should give you a good starting point. Make sure to consider all of your options before making a purchase, and be sure to choose the Best Driveway Alarms Consumer Ratings & Reports 2022 can offer.

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